Is the brand cwd a good brand of saddles ?

When we talk about horseback riding, we will also talk about equipments undoubtedly. Indeed, to be able to practice this passion comfortably, it will be necessary to bring with it indispensable accessories like the saddle. Faced with the latter, it will be important to be able to count on it and that there are better guarantees of efficiency and loyalty than the prestige of a reference mark. In this context, the CWD brand is one of the lighthouses on the market. Of course, before you can adopt the stools of this brand, it will be important to know the pedigree and its history.

A reference mark

You should know that the best riders from around the world get the CWD brand. This brand stands out for its professionalism and quality products. By the way, choosing the cwd used saddles when practicing riding is an excellent alternative for all lovers of the practice.

Clearly, it was in 1998 that this recurrent brand in the field was created in Nontron. If this small town was very little known, now it is number in the world in terms of manufacture of sporting saddleries. In addition, since the takeover of the brand by Laurent Duray who has been a rider since childhood, the brand has gained more notoriety in the world. Duray's innovative capabilities have enabled CWD to significantly increase its turnover.

High-tech saddles

The CWD brand was the first to offer the saddle in 2G with composite materials. To do this, Laurent Duray designed a system to digitize the horse's back so as to distribute the rider's pressure with his horse. In order to achieve these incredible results, the brand used the services of specialists such as biomechanics, ergonomic engineers and composite materials specialists.

The saddles of the brand embody the perfect relationship between traditional know-how in leather and high technology. In all, to offer us exceptional products, the CWD brand has invested more than one million euros in the research and development of innovation in the field of equestrian accessories products.